The project deals with face recognition, 3D body scans, surveillance technologies and images, the invasion of privacy and physical touch.
On the internet we do not only reveal personal information, but more and more physical data about our bodies. In public space we are surrounded by surveillance cameras, often without even noticing that we are being observed. What happens with those images? Are we still in control of the images of our body? What if we could grasp the camera’s gaze on our skin?
GRASP is a tool to create a real-time 3D scan of somebody’s face, simply by touching it with one finger. Thereby technology makes strangers touch each other’s faces, one of the most intimate areas of the human body.

Technical Description: (describing process of setting up the project, once on site)The interactive installation consists of
a) the tool itself: a wooden frame including the technology, which is connected to
b) a computer and a wide screen, where the created 3D-scans are transmitted and shown in real-time.
c) In order to be height-adjustable the tool is attached to a steel framework.
Space: 4 m2, Height: 3 m, Width: 2 m

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